Visitors and Exhibitors

  • Prior Registration to the event is mandatory for all attendees.
  • Attendees will be briefed and updated about local health and hygiene regulations in regard to Covid-19

Rapid Antigen Tests

  • Every Attendee is required to take a Covid-19 rapid antigen test, before entering the venue. A testing station will be available in front of the venue.  As soon as, and only if, negative results show (after 15 minutes) attendees will be granted access to the venue. The cost for one rapid antigen test per person is already included in the participation fee. Please note that the participation fee is non-refundable, If an attendee is denied access to the venue due to a positive antigen test.
  • No Antigen Test will be needed for Attendees who are able to submit a vaccination certificate for Covid-19 or an official negative antigen-test result which is not older than 24h upon entering the venue.

Testing Procedure

  • Attendees will be tested via rapid antigen test (saliva).
  • Tested attendees will receive a coloured armband that needs to be worn while at the venue.
  • In case of a (false) positive test result, an additional test can be conducted (cost 8 € per Test).
  • Positively tested attendees will be given advise and contact information to consult a doctor immediately and will be asked to leave the venue without further ado.


  • The venue provides 1000 square meters of exhibiting – and conference space for an estimated attendance of 200 Visitors daily.
  • Entrance and Exit will be located separately from each other to avoid close contact at critical spots.
  • Doors will be kept open to allow constant airflow. Windows will be aired regularly as the situation permits.
  • Sanitary facilities will be prepared to provide a maximum of safety and distance, while being accessible to all attendee
  • A 50 m² open air balcony on first floor level will be accessible for all attendees
  • Heavily frequented passages will be marked with arrows to avoid close contact.

Mask rules

  • If not regulated otherwise, masks must be worn at all times while being indoors. Exceptions will be made for attendees who are eating and drinking. Attendees are asked to keep time without wearing a mask to a minimum and to eat/drink outside if possible and weather permits.


  • Main Rooms will be primarily used for business meetings at especially allocated meeting tables, which are not to be used by more than 2 parties at the same time. Seating in main rooms will be designed to allow for minimum distances of 1,50 meters and a rate of not more than one person per 4 sqm.
  • Workshops and presentations in small seminar rooms will be conducted with limited audiences according to the size of the respective room
  • A specially assigned room will be provided for lunch/warm meals, similar to seminar rooms a limit will be set for number of people being allowed in the lunch area at the same time.
  • Attendees will be reminded to keep distances to avoid Clustering of more than 5 people

Further Precautions

  • Frequent disinfection of doorknobs, technical equipment and often used surfaces
  • Service staff wears masks at all times and disinfects hands frequently
  • Warm meals will not be offered buffet style
  • Multiple strategically placed Disinfectant dispensers
  • Monitoring of precautions by staff.  Staff is authorized to enforce hygienic rules and expel attendees if rules are repeatedly disregarded or broken
  • Signboards will be displayed to inform attendees about general safety rules
  • Markings on the floor help attendees to respect minimum distances in waiting lines

Please note that all regulations mentioned above might be subject to change due to possible changes in requirements given by governing bodies on either municipality, state, or federal level.